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  Deepavali Special         

Vegetarian Dishes

Achar Buah (Dry Fruits)
Archar Rampai     
Aloo Gobi     
Brinjal Deep Fried w Potato & Onions  
Cabbage with Carrots    
Channa Masala     
Chinese Brinjal w vinegar   
Cucumber Raita    
Cucumber Salad    
Fresh Salad ; Ulam    
Fried Bendi Bits    
Fried Fresh Mushroom    
Kailan with Mock Prawns   
Kobis Masak Lemak   
Long Beans Masala   
Mix Vegetables North Indian Style   
Pajeri nanas    
Palak Paneer    
Potato Masala     
Special Assorted Vegetables   
Sweet & Sour Brinjal    
Sweet & Sour Ladies Fingers   
Topioca w Red Pumpkin   
Dry Chili Taufoo    
Taufoo Sambal     
Sweet & Sour Taufoo   
Meal Maker Rendang    
Meal Maker w Potato   
Vegetarian Mutton Perettal  
Vegetarian Chicken    
Vegetable Cutlet    
Vegetable Kebab     
Kofta Curry 


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